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Speaker program on 30 November and 1 December

· Bauxite and bauxite resources

· Alumina production and residue solutions

· Primary aluminium production

· Carbon and carbon materials

· Aluminium products and alloys


During the Conference there will be an Exhibition of latest technologies, equipment and other devices for the aluminium industry. Companies can give a presentation at the Exhibition.

Welcome drinks - Meet and Eat

On the evening of Sunday 29November the Conference will kick-off with welcome drinks & snacks following registrations at the welcome desk.

In the tradition of ICSOBA all lunches & dinners during the speaker program are included in the program in order for you to have maximum opportunity to meet other delegates, at no additional charge.

Papers and presentations

Language for papers and presentations is English.

Papers will be published in ICSOBA proceedings.

Authors have the option to have their papers published by China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House against a Network Database Retrieval Card.

Delegates receive all papers and presentations as pdf on CD or memory stick.

Technical field tripson November 29

The ICSOBA-2015 program provides for visiting:

DUBAL smelter(Dubai)

Commissioned end-1979. After sequential expansions, advancing technologies, the smelter has 1,573 reduction cells in seven potlines (>1 M tpa), Casting operations (>1 M tpa). 2,350 MW power station, 30 million gallon/day desalination plant and Port facilities.

EMAL Smelter(Abu Dhabi)

Commissioned end-2010 (phase I) and mid-2014 (phase II). The smelter has 1,200 reduction cells in three potlines (>1.35 M tpa), Casting operations (~1.6 M tpa), 3,100 MW power station, 3.75 million gallon/day desalination plant and Port facilities


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